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“Broad collaboration is essential for true innovation.”
Niklas von Weymarn
CEO/Metsä Spring

About us

Metsä Spring Ltd is Metsä Group’s innovation company. We invest worldwide in promising startups (minority stakes) and manage our own selected pilot/demo projects. All endeavours that we participate in must have the potential to strengthen the Metsä Group business ecosystem in the future. Hence, Metsä Spring is a strategic investor in the field of wood-based circular bioeconomy.

Most new innovations are born as a result of broad collaboration. This calls for partnering and genuine co-creation between a rich variety of organisations. This is also the guiding philosophy of Metsä Spring.


Metsä Group business ecosystem

We use the term ‘business ecosystem’ to portray a network of organisations that have business relationships with each other. All organisations in the business ecosystem have their own strategies and goals, but together they form a symbiotic entity. From Metsä Group’s perspective, this brings about the industrial processing of renewable and certified Northern wood into added-value bioproducts and renewable energy.

The actors in Metsä Group’s business ecosystem span from forest owners, via several industrial value chains, to a variety of end-consumers. Various service providers as well as recycling of the materials are also key dimensions of the ecosystem.

Our areas of interest

We are looking for start-up companies, globally, with solutions that can improve the business ecosystem around Metsä Group. The cases of interest to us range from business ideas built on the manufacturing of a physical product (with a link to Northern wood, that is spruce, pine, and birch, as the original raw material), to business ideas based on novel digital tools.

We believe that broad collaboration is essential for true innovation – join us on our quest to build the innovative and sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

Financing stage

With regard to start-up investments, Metsä Spring is looking to help companies pass the so-called “valley of death”. This means that the best fit to match our ambitions are companies looking for Series A financing. In practise, this typically means young companies that already have a first product on the market and the team has grown to around 5-10 persons. When talking about business ideas based on manufacturing a physical product, the most fitting companies are about to enter the pilot/demo phase, which requires investment in a pilot/demo plant.


01.03.2021 MetsäSpring

Metsä Spring invests in Montinutra, a startup that commercialises wood extract

Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring Ltd has made an equity investment in Montinutra Ltd, a startup converting forest industry

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17.02.2021 MetsäSpring

Metsä Spring to take part in Eureka’s programme linking SMEs with large companies

Eureka, the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation present in over 45 countries, is opening a new programme offering opportunities for SMEs to establish partnerships

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02.02.2021 MetsäSpring

Woodio has won funding by the European Innovation Council

Metsä Spring’s portfolio company Woodio (see has been selected for funding by the European Innovation Council (EIC), more precisely

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